Hot Air SMD Rework Soldering Station SR-979

  • Hot Air SMD Rework Station

    SMD Rework Station

    The Hot Air SR-979 is engineered to meet the demanding needs of today's electronic industry, technicians, service / repair and assembly rework. The system is not only increase productivity for SMD assembly and repair but also achieves a new standard of quality in partnership with "Hot Air SR-979" superior performance and easy of operation.


    This will highly regulate the air flow and the temperature and is available for QFP and SOP ICs. Both the welding and the descaling shall be conducted with the same nozzle.
    The auto removal of static electricity offers more safety to the elements and the operation, different ICs would be regulated to different temperatures.

    Auto Cooling system

    After turning off the power, the auto cooling system remains operational, just to keep the service life of the heating elements and the handle.

    The SR-979 is applicable for galvanized welding and removal of QFP and SOP ICs and it is applicable for telescopic hoses.
    Keep the nozzle in use and the element duly spaced,for protection of the elements.
    Special design of welding and removal of PLCC flat below IC.

  • Hot Air SMD Rework Soldering Station

  • Voltage 110/120V AC or 220/240V AC
    Power consumption 275W
    Hot Air Temperature 100°C~400°C
    Handpiece 235mm
    Station L247:W190:H135 (mm)
    Weight 4500g
    Station-Handpiece cord length 110 cm
    AC Power cord 3 cored
    (with 3pin plug 180cm)
    Packing Measure 4 pcs CUFT 2.34'